Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Going to the Drive In!

I have always wanted to do a fantastic shoot at a drive-in movie theater and when the idea was passed by me I was super excited! We have a friend who owned a FANTASTIC cherry red 1953 Buick Special... and it shot FLAMES out the back! Seriously!

It rained all the day of the shoot and I kept my fingers crossed. We made it out to the shoot site and five minutes after we started shooting... the rain came. I tried to keep my curls pinned and cute, but mother nature had her way with me eventually.

The second half of the shoot had to wait until the sun went down because the rain wouldn't let up, but when it did we got some of the greatest shots of the night! I think my favorite might be the one of me throwing the popcorn in the air. It was too much fun. (I was still picking it out of my hair at Spinelli's later that night haha)

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