Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding Photography

If you or anyone you know is in the market for wedding photography, I have two wonderful and talented recommendations that I have worked with recently: Murphy Images - as seen above, and J. Guess Photography - as seen below.

They are both great to work with and will give you incredible, classic images that will last a lifetime! Be sure to check them out and let your friends and family know!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Avant Garde Ballerina Shoot with Leafy


On Sunday I did a collaboration with J. Guess Photography and beautiful model Oletha Dawn Roth (affectionately known as Leafy). Not only is she an extremely talented and beautiful model, but she is also skilled in ballet! Jami Guess has strategically planned this shoot for awhile and it was exciting to watch it all come together - ballet slippers and all.

I was brought in to create the hair and makeup for this elaborate look. Leafy was so patient during the whole process which took a few hot minutes, as you can imagine! After blending, teasing, spraying and powdering, the result was a very "avant garde punk ballerina" of sorts. The shoot location was an extremely old (literally falling apart) home in the country. Leafy couldn't have been more brilliant and Jami's shots were amazing.

Thanks guys for letting me be a part of this little adventure!

Check out the rest of the shoot here:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fairy Tale Time

So, it has been established that photographer Alicia C's work is positively dreamy... but now it is reaching all new levels of incredible. I love (no, seriously LOVE) fairy tales and enchanted things, so couple weeks ago she had a project that I was more than thrilled to be a part of.

Clothing Designer Soreyda Begley had made some incredibly whimsical dresses that were perfect for Alicia's vision, and we knew was going to be magical. Myself as well as models Tonie McManus & Ashley Gabhart took part in a beautiful little adventure getting back in touch with nature after this long, miserable winter. Alicia came to Louisville from Richmond and Mother Nature was as kind as she could be, giving us yet another day of impeccable weather for romping around the woods. Aside from being attacked by swarms of gnats that were ready to devour us for our hairspray, the day couldn't have been better! Here is a quick look at what is unfolding... (You can almost write a story in your head by looking at them!)

For a larger view of the images just click on the photo... Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glass Runway 2010

Hello kiddos:)

I got to spend the entirety of this past Saturday in one of my favorite happy places... the chaos room of a fashion show! And instead of walking the runway, I got to participate in the creative process backstage. I'm not sure which end of the show I like best - makeup vs. modeling - but there's just something about the crazy energy in the air, hairstyles I could never dream of, and palettes of beautiful, rainbow-hued eye shadows that just gets me all excited! Oh yeah - and who could forget the fantastic CLOTHES! Which is why when I got asked to be on the makeup team for this years Glass Runway event, I was super excited.

Glass Runway 2010 was a fantastic success benefiting CASA and took place at the Glassworks Building. It featured amazing summer looks from Louisville’s hottest local boutiques on our areas most gorgeous models. The event was hosted by Shea Johnson, Helen Vaughan, Sara Jean Waggoner and emceed by local celebrities Angie Fenton and Kevin Harned. The turnout was incredible and I met so many wonderful people... I can't wait for next year!

(above: model Kelly Macfarlane of Heyman Talent gets her eyes glittered by myself; middle: Andrea's colorful eyeshadow palettes; below: model Julie Smith having her makeup done the LFN's Andrea Ahl)

New Look!

Soooo because Alicia C is an amazing goddess and made a montage of me in a field, I felt like it could be a really creative new look for my blog this summer! It has the feel of an African plain, so I just went with it. Only one problem: it's missing some ferocious animals - but I'll work on it! What do you all think? Doesn't it kinda make you thirsty?! ha

Friday, April 2, 2010

Philip Treacy Hats

The incredibly talented Philip Treacy has designed hats for many celebrities including Queen Elizabeth and Lady Gaga as well as many Haute Couture houses such as Chanel, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Helmut Lang, and Versace. The great news is that right now you can get your own work of art for Derby Day at Peacock Boutique on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville KY!

I had so much fun shooting with these exquisite pieces last Monday morning with photographer Dennis Ledford in their chic Frankfort Avenue store that we turned in a temporary studio. The collection they have received this year is breathtaking. Nothing that I have seen has screamed class and sophistication louder. Each hat has such attention to detail and rich color - It is almost impossible to choose a favorite! (but if absolutely HAD too, I suppose I may pick the purple one with the hot pink flower... no wait... what would Gaga do? Hmmm.) Both dresses I photographed in were from Peacock Boutique as well. Make a point to get there as soon as possible for the best selection. There are only ONE of each style!