Monday, June 25, 2012

WINNER of the 2012 Derby Week Death by Chocolate Cake Battle!

So many fun things have happened over the last two months, that I fear I will be catching up  writing about them all summer! And while it may be old news to some, it still deserves cyberspace documentation, no?!

The week before Derby, Sophisticated Living Magazine hosted a "Death by Chocolate Cake Competition" to kick off the 2012 Derby! My entry was a Chocolate Espresso Torte... and the competition was fierce! But magically (by one point!) I managed to steal the title for 2012 - complete with chef's jacket and the coveted GOLDEN WHISK! 

Check out the video below documenting the event it all of it's glory, and with all of it's characters.You will be searching for a Hershey Bar when it is over guaranteed!

Death by Chocolate Cake Competition 2012 from Andrew Kung on Vimeo.

Derby Week - Death by Chocolate Cake Competition 2012
Hosted by Sophisticated Living Magazine
Produced in conjunction with Visionspire and Andrew Kung Photography
Filmed by Andrew Kung and Jordan Cox

Want the recipe?  Hahahaahaa. No.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012 Sophisticated Living Polo Series

It's that time of year again! Yes, it is time for pool parties and cook outs... but MOST IMPORTANTLY - it's almost time for the 2012 Sophisticated Living Polo Series!

The Sophisticated Living Polo series Kickoff Party was on June 16th and was held at the beautiful, historic Selema Hall. The Official uniforms were unveiled for the four teams - as was the incredible trophy and artwork by artist David Schuster!  Last year was an absolute blast and if you weren't there, then you truly missed out!

Be sure to come out to the three wonderful events coming up SOON! Mark them on your calendar - the games are fun for the whole family.

The first game is June 30th at Oxmoor Farm. Gates open at 3pm, and the first match is at 4pm. See you there!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Ky Derby Post Position Drawing 2012 at Churchill Downs

Hello everyone! This post is long overdue, as I have been getting so busy lately that it has been hard to keep up! But I will try harder, I promise... and better late than never right?!

 A huge highlight from last month was having huge honor of participating in the 2012 KY Derby Post Position Drawing at Churchill Downs. This is the moment when the number of each horse is randomly drawn from a cup and the horses are giving their starting gate for the big race on Derby Day! If you don't know much about horse racing, all gates aren't created equal, and some horses do better in different areas, so it can be an intense event! After the number is drawn, a replica of the horses silks is hung (traditionally, by the owners) on a wall under the gate number that was chosen. The event is national and is broadcast on NBC Sports as well as other news stations everywhere! 

This year, I had the fantastic job of hanging the silks for the drawing. It was my first experience with national television, and when I arrived to get ready I was completely blinded by all the lights! I could hardly contain my excitement as I saw every incredible news anchors and esteemed horse trainers that I had ever wanted to meet - all right there in one place! It was such fun learning how live television works on a national level. 

 While I was somewhat anxious about what to expect before we went live, once we went on air I fell extremely calm and had so much fun! I would look out at the thousands of people and see the many familiar faces of people I knew looking back at me. Even though I may have been a stranger to them, they were no strangers to me. I grew up watching them on television and listening to all the latest news. It made smile and feel very comfortable to be surrounded by individuals who have made such an impact throughout all of our lives, and a lot of them have made history throughout the years!

Kentucky is an wonderful state. We have so much pride for our horse industry. It is a part of all of us and is in our blood from the time we are children. It was an honor to have such amazing roles in this year's Derby events. Modeling for the 2012 Derby Ad campaign and hanging the Silks during the Post Position Drawing has been a dream for this proud KY girl, and I hope that the future holds more. Thank you so much to Churchill Downs, I love you guys!

Photos courtesy of Allie Filley for Andrew Kung Photography