Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photoshoot with Laura Kirkpatrick in LexScene Magazine

This is kind of a blast from the past, so pardon the delay! Last September, I shot a fashion spread with Laura Kirkpatrick (KY's sweetheart from this past season of America's Next Top Model All-Stars) for a local Lexington magazine called LexScene. We highlighted several hotspots and boutiques such as SkyBar, Dudley's, Mod Boutique and Voce' during our all day playday in a GIANT Limo-Bus that took us all over town for the photoshoot. Alicia Calton was our photographer, and I modeled (as well as was in charge of hair and makeup... Whew!). At one point, I even got to put on a gorgeous bridal gown and thousands of dollars worth of diamonds to play bride! What girl doesn't LOVE to do that?!

We all had ENTIRELY too much fun. My favorite moment HAS to be when Laura taught me a trick that "the girls on ANTM used to do to entertain themselves on the limo buses"... She stood me up and we both hung from the rails on the ceiling swinging simultaneously against each other in circles! It was hilarious! There are pictures of this hysterical phenomenon, but I only wish there were video to do it justice! I was so dizzy. Laura, I think we need to get our own bus so we can practice for when we make it an Olympic sport! Haha

I am so happy I got to spend that fantastically fun yet hectic day with one of my dearest friends doing what we love to do - be silly girls! (I am also glad that the driver was able to tolerate us!) I really hope we get to do it again one day.

Here are a few shots from the magazine, and some behind the scene pics too!

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