Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So, I survived the holidays... barely! But I have to admit that one of my favorite things about this time of year is that one of my favorite people in the world, Laura Kirkpatrick from ANTM comes home to good 'ol Kentucky from L.A. and I get to see her!! This year she and I wanted to do some pinups together! It was sooooo much fun! Stay tuned for adorable pics of our beautiful Kentucky girl and some behind the scenes footage that will have you cracking up!

Get ready because these two country girls know how to have a good time!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snowday Shoot with Gustavo Alfaro

Last week, when snow fell for one of the first times across the region, most people came to a slow halt... but I was feeling creative - and coincidentally so was the G. A small roadtrip was in order, so he packed up and headed to Louisville from Lexington. We had a simple vision: To create a series of soft yet strong photographs that were simple, timeless and honest.

We did several series and shot throughout the day. I enjoyed being able to relax and be myself. With the goal being simplicity, it was a wonderful mental vacation. What a treat it was to just 'be'.

Here are some of the best shots from the first set. Enjoy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Slumber Party with Alicia C!!

Soooo a few weeks ago, the lovely Alica C had some business to attend to in Louisville KY, so I invited her to stay with me! We had so much fun goofing off and throwing around creative ideas, so we decided to have a little photoshoot... IN MY HOUSE! Seriously. It was a blast. Here was the result of our playtime!!

Come back and stay with me again soon Alicia!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fashion with Gustavo Alfaro

Mr. Gustavo Alfaro and been taking a few steps out of his normal accomplishments to do a little fashion photography! I loved the simplistic nature of this shoot... it was so fun and classic!! He came to Louisville and we worked through the evening and ended pretty late. The location was incredible and had all kinds of shot locations - waaay too many to choose from honestly. It was overwhelming! I definitely enjoyed working in my comfort zone doing fashion with the slight retro edge :) My favorite outfit was the black sequin dress. I felt so glamorous!!
If you want to create some stunning art yourself with the incredible 'G', check out his work and contact him! He is wonderful to work with :-)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So, I get a lot of messages asking what my favorite makeup brand is, what colors I wear, and tips on beauty products. I figured that I would just take some time and write an entry on some of my tried and true items that I cannot live a day without!
Some things are kinda pricey - but totally worth the splurge. Others can be found at drugstores and work just as well, if not better than the more expensive counterparts. I'm a practical girl.

To achieve show stopping status, it is as simple as fire engine red lips. It has taking me a loooong while of trying lots of lousy lipcolors to find the tried n true red that not only makes you look like a Hollywood Starlet, but also LASTS the party without drying out your lips or bleeding outside your lip-line. An these are the WINNERS! These are THE classic shades that have never failed me or any other glamour queen that I have applied it to. DRUMROLL please :)

#1) Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 'Red Revival' ($6 at CVS or Walgreens). BEST THING EVER. The Perfect Pinup Red! It's not too purply and not too orangy... juuust right! It's smooth, never ever bleeds, and stays puts. Thank you Maybelline!

#2) Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick in 'Shanghai Red' ($28.50, For those who want to step it up a smidgen and feel like you just rolled off the red carpet, this is #1's exotic equal. It is a moisturizing creamy formula with a long-lasting satiny finish that packs a punch and wont fade, smudge or feather. It's as beautiful and classy as it gets.

**For an extra 'umph' or if you prefer a shiny finish, throw on a coat of DIOR ADDICT Ultra Gloss in 'Little Red Dress' ($28 Sephora) and you'll be sure to never dissapoint :-) Its a cherry colored sheer gloss with a slight shimmer that sets it off like a firecracker, or by itself gives your lips a lovely rosy stain. Either way it is a MUST HAVE!

This is quite possibly the best and easiest eye makeup remover in the world. Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Pads ($5.99 at Walgreens) takes everything off in a gentle swipe. You don't want to be scrubbing the delicate skin around your eyes - and with all the crazy stuff I wear sometimes, I never want to be scared of how hard it will be to remove afterwards. It also takes off all traces of even the darkest lipsticks. Absolutely fantastical.

If couldn't use my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($17 at ULTA) before putting on my eyeshadow colors (or anyone else's!), then I seriously wouldn't wear any! You put a thin coat of this on your eyelid before applying shadows, and your color will NOT CREASE or come off all day OR night - regardless of heat - or any other element. And the colors will be outstanding. Also, Urban decays shadows are at the top of my list of favorites as well. It's sometimes difficult to find a consistently wonderful black. Well look no further than "Oil Slick". I've used no other for three years.

One the the most common questions I get asked is how I get my liner so precise. I have a bit of a soft spot for vintage cat-eyes as a lot of you know, and these are the three things that help me achieve that: Covergirl Perfect Point Plus self-sharpening pencil ($6 at drugstores) is the perfect simple standard eyeliner. Smashbox Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black ($22 at Sephora) is a liquid felt tipped marker. Lastly, my staple is Almay Liquid Liner in Black ($7 at drugstores). If you are going for a very sharp look but don't have much experience, try drawing the lines with a pencil liner first and then tracing over it in liquid. This also makes it last forever too.

If diamonds weren't a girls best friend, it is probably safe to say that her mascara would have to at least place in the top three. After years of debate on the subject, I have found two personal equals: DIORSHOW Blackout Mascara (Sephora $28) and Covergirl LashBlash Volume ($6 Drugstores).

Pucker up! These are my trusty always-in-my-purse shades that look incredible on just about anyone! Smashbox 'O'Gloss ($22 at Sephora) goes on clear with the perfect not too sticky or thin consistency, then changes to a perfect pink to suit you. It gives you a rosy, bitten look that is fabulous. I have used it on women age 4 - 60. Seriously. My favorite standard gloss is DIOR Addict Ultra-Gloss. It has a brush applicator (which I LOVE) that makes it easy to "lay 'er on thick" :) Ever color is amazing. The one shown is #577 Fucshia Poplin. Lastly, for a glam look Lorac Couture Shine Gloss ($23 at ULTA) has amazing coverage and stays put. For hours. I love the formula and how it feels. The color shown is "Trend Setter".

These two shades will have your cheeks perfectly flushed regardless of your skintone. I haven't found a person yet that they didn't flatter! The first is by NARS and is called Orgasm ($26 at Sephora). Yep - that pretty much says it all. It is a perfectly peachy. Secondly is Smashbox Blush Rush in Radiance. The color scares people away because of it's cotton candy appearance, but they are missing out. It is a denser powder and doesn't go on bright or clownish. It's wonderfully natural. But never forget - you can truly only be as good as your tools! And I always apply blushes with Sephora Professional Kabuki Brush ($24) and everyone always comments on how good it feels.

OK. This is serious. Ladies, you HAVE to stop covering up your slick spots by piling powder on top of your beautiful faces over and over and clogging your pores in the worst way! First, ABSORB the excess oil off your face with Palladio oil-absorbing blotting tissues ($3 for a 40 pack at Sallly's Beauty Supply). The little pack is smaller than a pack of gum. Buy several and keep them everywhere! Each sheet has a thin powder layer - get the TRANSLUCENT ones. It doesn't budge your makeup at all - just soaked the shiny stuff out of your skin - THEN and only then do you powder you pretty nose. You'll be shocked how much longer you can go before you start to show signs of shine again. This is especially important in the steamy summer months. *And remember to change that powder puff that you have in the compact in your purse several times during the life of the powder. Those things harbor bacteria... and that equals breakouts. Yuck.

**FOUNDATION**: I use two different types of base makeup depending on weather and situation. After much deliberation and wasted money on expensive brands versus drugstore brands, I am proud to announce that my faves are both found at Walgreens! (Hallelujah!) For Summertime and long days (AND nights) I love 'Maybelline Super Stay 24 hr Makeup' ($10 at Walgreens - my shade is sand biege). It is a liquid and requires no primer to stay put for as long as you need it there. Best if applied with a foundation brush. It blends flawlessly, weighs nothin, and has great coverage. It survived the summmer of 2010 like a champ - and that is saying something.
In the cooler winter months I use 'Covergirl AquaSmooth Makeup' ($7 at Walgreens - my shade is buff beige). It is a cream foundation which has excellent coverage and is a water based formula which keeps you skin more moisturized during the cold and dry months, and not to mention is just BETTER for you. I've been going back to this one from more expensive brands for years.
These are what I have used for EVERY single photoshoot I have ever done.

Skin. I swear by OLAY Body Quench Lotion ($7.78 at Wal-Mart). I slather it on EVERY day. No exceptions - and my skin stays consistently smooth and soft. For evenings, events and photoshoots I use "Make Me Starlit Illuminating Body Lotion" from Victoria's Secret ($17) to give a perfect glow. Not too subtle and not sparkly, this just perfect soft shimmery lotion smells amazing and gives the skin a perfect sheen in photos and on the runway.

Love your locks. All hair types can benefit from my favorite hair treatment. Moroccan Oil ($40 at Medusa Salon in Lyndon) makes your hair smooth, shiney, and weightlessly protected. I use it on towel dried hair and style as usual. And did I mention that it smells like a far-away exotic dreamland?! Your hair will love you, and so will that guy behind you in the check out line. Enjoy.

I am hard on my nails, and these formulas do the job in awesome colors. My favorite drugstore surprise is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Collection ($6 at drugstores). It really does rock my world. The colors are modern and fresh and it is strong and shiny for dayssss. Color shown is 'Gilty Pleasure' which is great for fall. The others are Nicole by OPI in Vituous Violet and Sephora by OPI in Mermaid.

The scents that I cannot live without: "Stella" by Stella McCartney ($50 at Sephora) - I wear this a lot in the fall and winter. It's very sultry, interesting, and unlike anything else. It has hints of roses but is dark and moody. "Coco Chanel Mademoiselle" ($80 on is soft, strong and beautiful with just the right amount of sweet. The notes change through the day as you wear it and its great year round. "Bebe" ($42.95 at bebe Stores) surprised me with this classy coconut concoction. It is the scent of summer, but without smelling like another Bath n Bodywork bodyspray headache. It's not super sweet and screams 'SOUTH BEACH!!! Here I come!" but carries into cooler temperatures with class.

Oddly enough, another common question is what brand deodorant I wear. I hope that means I am doing something right! Spending hours in the sun or under bright lights makes you get a lil bit toasty - and quick! Thank God for Secret Clinical Strength. It hasn't failed me yet! ($8.99 at drugstores)

Feel free to keep sending in the questions!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gettin BOLD with Alicia C

Here's a few fashion shots from a shoot I did earlier this summer by Alicia C. Photography down on the river. It was all high fashion with BOLD colors. I loved it! I brought along my antique cherry red suitcase set and an absolutely fabulous black and white dress by Helmut Lang for it's moment in the light. More to be posted soon!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Hot July Evening in Berea with Alicia C. And Laura Kirkpatrick

A couple of weeks ago, photographer Alicia Calton asked model Laura Kirkpatrick from ANTM and myself if we would mind being a part of a live photoshoot that she was doing as part of a class she was teaching in Berea during the summer to highschool students. We are both Alicia fans so naturally we were up for it.

Well, the day ended up being miserably steamy and just plain nasty-hot. Make-up was melting and clothes were sticking everywhere. When Laura arrived I had ten minutes to put her through the fastest hair & makeup regimen I think I've ever pulled off for a shoot - I felt like I was on a reality show. (Luckily she is ridiculously flawless and made that job way too easy :-) We then shot the first set together and answered questions and talked with the students. A few even got to take a few shots of their own. It was a very talented group of kids and I am very excited to see what in store for their futures! The location was the Berea College Farm and it was full of sunflowers and a gigantic magical weeping willow (my FAVORITE trees ever!). I had so much fun seeing Laura for a last time before her big move to Los Angeles and I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures as they get released!

Here's a sneak peak with some behind the scenes photos!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Website

I have spent the last few day getting my site tweaked and ridding a few speed bumps. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should! Then let me know what you think!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Evening of Hope in Casablanca

On Saturday night (June 19 2010) the Archibald-Cochran Ballroom in the Galthouse was transformed into a beautiful dreamy scene from a movie for an amazing benefit for the American Cancer Society which included an elegant dinner, dancing and of course - a FASHION SHOW! Casablanca style! The show's fashion and accessories were provided by Peacock Boutique and The Dressing Room (both located on Frankfort Ave). They were all absolutely fabulous and I wanted everything that was in the show! Be sure to check out these stores if you haven't already. They have a brilliant selection of unique designers, fabulous jewelry and are some of my favorites in town.

The glamorous look they were going for made me instantly excited about being a part of this particular event. I'm such a sucker for vintage! Hair and makeup was lead by Lorie Karnes of Glitzy Glamour Designs and included Andrea Ahl and the Paul Mitchel School. The models were so wonderful and we had so much fun backstage before the show. I was very lucky to work with such a great group of lovely ladies! I hope I get to work with you all again in the future! And thank you to Jacob Zimmer for putting us all together and for all of the hard work that went into the production of the event. It was beautiful. And OF COURSE a big thank you to everyone who came out to support such a great cause!

Check out more photos from the event here on!

(Photo above: both looks from the Dressing Room; photos by Amber Sigman for the Courier Journal; Group photo for Zymage)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Urban Legacy Photoshoot for MTV

If you watched the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and didn't ignore the commercials, you would have caught a glimpse of me in an commercial for Urban Legacy in Richmond! The photoshoot was shot by photographer Alicia Calton and I worked with fellow model J. Anthony locally in Richmond KY. Contact Urban Legacy at 859.623.3535. To see more of the photos from the shoot, visit Urban Legacy on FACEBOOK!

If you missed it, watch it here: MTV Commercial - URBAN LEGACY

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alicia C's Louisville Shoots Round 2

Alicia C Photography's second round of photoshoots in Louisville starred Laurie Johnson, Elizabeth Dryden, Tiffany Leake, Nisha Abraham and Whittney Dawn Allen. It was a steamy hot week for outdoor photoshoots, but everyone was fantastic and pulled through like champs. I even shot a quick jewelry ad for Shallott Lilly one evening. Alicia's work was impeccable as always. My responsibilities rested in keeping everyone's makeup and hair looking fresh and beautiful. Fun memories were made that week while some of us went to great lengths to stay cool and sane! Be sure to take a look at our work and visit

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Going to the Drive In!

I have always wanted to do a fantastic shoot at a drive-in movie theater and when the idea was passed by me I was super excited! We have a friend who owned a FANTASTIC cherry red 1953 Buick Special... and it shot FLAMES out the back! Seriously!

It rained all the day of the shoot and I kept my fingers crossed. We made it out to the shoot site and five minutes after we started shooting... the rain came. I tried to keep my curls pinned and cute, but mother nature had her way with me eventually.

The second half of the shoot had to wait until the sun went down because the rain wouldn't let up, but when it did we got some of the greatest shots of the night! I think my favorite might be the one of me throwing the popcorn in the air. It was too much fun. (I was still picking it out of my hair at Spinelli's later that night haha)

Masha Archer Jewelry

In anxious anticipation of the new Sex and the City movie, Peacock Boutique on Frankfort Avenue held a special Truck Show at Avalon recently for jewelry Designer Masha Archer, who's designs were seen in the movie.

Her celebrity clients and collectors include Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Beyonce Knowles, Clint Eastwood, Gladys Knight, Calista Flockhart, Ivana Trump, amd Jennifer Love Hewitt just to name a few.

Her necklaces are rich and made with coral, lapis, pearl, jade, amber, bone, African trade beads, silver and turquoise. I had the opportunity to shoot some of the pieces from her collection and they were exquisite! Each one was a complete work of art. Some of them were so big the could even function as a shirt!

Myself and model Nisha Abraham felt like exotic princesses during our shoot with Dennis Ledford. Trying to LOOK like princesses in the excruciating heat became the challenge. Nisha was a champ - wish I could say the same... the heat got the best of me there for a bit. Be sure to check out her amazing set on her facebook page HERE. She rocked it!

Also check out the rest of the photos from my set on my facebook page in my Fashion Album HERE!