Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Profile Facelift" Photoshoot Package & CONTEST!

Ahem... (In my ringleader voice) Ladies and Gentlemen! No longer do you have to tolerate that cell phone picture from last year that was taken in your bathroom as your facebook profile photo... or have a blank, boring business card because you don't have a sharp and snazzy professional headshot! Things are about to change for you!!

Professional fashion & commercial photographer Andrew Kung has put together a great opportunity to help you put an end to this problem!

It is called the "PROFILE FACELIFT" Package. You get an entire TEAM of professionals to make you look your best for $150. READ ABOUT IT HERE!! Seriously, just do it: Click here because you want to look like a rockstar.

And AS IF that wasn't awesome enough, He is having a contest and giving away a FREE PHOTOSHOOT! You don't have to be a model - this is for everyone! It is so super easy to enter. READ all of the RULES HERE: Click here to read the rules because you are smart.

Whether you enter the contest or just take the easy and less time consuming route and book a shoot - you are getting the greatest deal that has come your way since free public water fountains.

I sincerely hope to see some of you in the studio soon! Xoxo

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Have you ever wanted your own photoshoot with the amazing Andrew Kung? Well for Summer 2011 he has made it super-affordable... and it includes ME doing hair and makeup!! Woohoo! This is a REALLY amazing opportunity, so if you are a model needing some striking work to make you portfolio to stand out, or just want some smashing photos of yourself, you HAVE to take advantage of this!

Summer Studio Package

2 LOOKS РShot by Andrew Kung Photography and Hair & Make-Up Styling provided by Catherine Jones Beaut̩
5 Fully Retouched Digital Hi-Res Images provided to you with all rights given to use them as you wish.
All this is provided in a fully equipped studio located in Louisville, KY.

Total Investment: $300

A minimum retainer fee of 25% is required to book a shoot. Full payment is due upon service

For more info on this offer CLICK HERE!

To book a shoot, contact me at or call 859.699.8525.

If you are interested in shooting more looks, other packages are available and feel free to contact me or visit my website at for more details!

Monday, August 1, 2011

MARASCHINO by Catherine Jones

For my few close friends who have known me for years, they know that I have lots of passions. That isn't hard to tell for those who even just met me yesterday! But before I modeled or even did makeup or styling, I obsessively created. I owe a lot to my upbringing on a farm with a mile and a half long gravel driveway and my homeschooled education which left me constantly finding ways to entertain myself. My mom would give me old clothes to revamp into new styles (sometimes secretly my father's, much to his dismay) and my grandmother would give me scrap fabrics to keep me busy. It wasn't long before I realized that you could make just about any odd, home grown outfit look couture with the right accessories! And thus at the age of twelve I became obsessed... with jewelry.

I was that girl who sold friendship bracelets out of a shoebox on the playground for a quarter - AND took custom orders. In 2007 I created a line which catered to custom bridal orders and classy, timeless pieces that incorporated antique and vintage jewelry and parts. As it started doing well, I simultaneously began getting modeling work, and makeup artistry soon followed and thoroughly absorbed the rest of my efforts. It was a sad day when I had to put it all on hold until the time was right to relaunch - and I am SO excited!!

I like to incorporate elements of freedom and movement in most of my pieces. And of course, lots of SPARKLE! I believe in the mystery of old Hollywood glamour and that at the heart of every starlet there is silly girl who wants to have fun, be free to love, and feel beautiful. I am cheesy you say? Heck yeah I am. But it's the truth and I think that will show through. ;-)
There are so many things to come!

Be a fan on Facebook - MARASCHINO FANS - to stay updated on the latest pieces, showings and locations.

Stay tuned for my lookbook coming soon... weeeeee!!!!!!

photos by Andrew Kung Photography