Friday, May 20, 2011

Hair & Makeup for Beatersville

Hey Gals! Are you going to "Beatersville" in Louisville on Sunday May 29th? Then you need to dress the part! Lots of lovely ladies let out their inner bombshell pinup girl for the occasion! Red lips and pin curls all the way! ESPECIALLY if their competing in the "Miss Beatersville" Contest! If you've got the outfit, then I have you hair and makeup covered... it's actually quite my specialty.

I am taking appointments at Boudoir Louisville's studio which is only TWO BLOCKS from Beatersville!! Doesn't get more convenient than that ladies!

$75 gets you a full pinup hair 'do - 1940's style - and it WILL last all day... maybe even the next. And flawless makeup that will knock men off their feet (eyelashes included!)


8:30 - booked
9:45 - booked
11:00 - booked
12:15 - OPEN!
1:30 - OPEN!

*Can schedule even later if needed*

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