Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Profile Facelift" Photoshoot Package & CONTEST!

Ahem... (In my ringleader voice) Ladies and Gentlemen! No longer do you have to tolerate that cell phone picture from last year that was taken in your bathroom as your facebook profile photo... or have a blank, boring business card because you don't have a sharp and snazzy professional headshot! Things are about to change for you!!

Professional fashion & commercial photographer Andrew Kung has put together a great opportunity to help you put an end to this problem!

It is called the "PROFILE FACELIFT" Package. You get an entire TEAM of professionals to make you look your best for $150. READ ABOUT IT HERE!! Seriously, just do it: Click here because you want to look like a rockstar.

And AS IF that wasn't awesome enough, He is having a contest and giving away a FREE PHOTOSHOOT! You don't have to be a model - this is for everyone! It is so super easy to enter. READ all of the RULES HERE: Click here to read the rules because you are smart.

Whether you enter the contest or just take the easy and less time consuming route and book a shoot - you are getting the greatest deal that has come your way since free public water fountains.

I sincerely hope to see some of you in the studio soon! Xoxo

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