Monday, June 25, 2012

WINNER of the 2012 Derby Week Death by Chocolate Cake Battle!

So many fun things have happened over the last two months, that I fear I will be catching up  writing about them all summer! And while it may be old news to some, it still deserves cyberspace documentation, no?!

The week before Derby, Sophisticated Living Magazine hosted a "Death by Chocolate Cake Competition" to kick off the 2012 Derby! My entry was a Chocolate Espresso Torte... and the competition was fierce! But magically (by one point!) I managed to steal the title for 2012 - complete with chef's jacket and the coveted GOLDEN WHISK! 

Check out the video below documenting the event it all of it's glory, and with all of it's characters.You will be searching for a Hershey Bar when it is over guaranteed!

Death by Chocolate Cake Competition 2012 from Andrew Kung on Vimeo.

Derby Week - Death by Chocolate Cake Competition 2012
Hosted by Sophisticated Living Magazine
Produced in conjunction with Visionspire and Andrew Kung Photography
Filmed by Andrew Kung and Jordan Cox

Want the recipe?  Hahahaahaa. No.

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