Tuesday, June 7, 2011


WOW! The Kentucky Textile and Fashion Expo and the 3rd Annual Future of Fashion Show and Fundraiser was a huge success this year! It was the first year I have had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible event and I already know that next year will blow people away! The state of Kentucky should be so very proud to have such talented individuals representing it in the Lexington Fashion Collaborative! The entire day was equally exhausting and inspiring. During the Textile and Fashion Expo I walked for accessory designer Maui Crane. This years collection was intended to reflect the inner strength of women. He created an army of warriors as a result! It was a sight to behold and truly unforgettable.

During the 'Future of Fashion' show and fundraiser, I walked in shows for designers Brittany Murphy and Betsy Hamilton. Both have fun and creative takes on classic looks. It was wonderful to be a part of! Congrats ladies on two beautiful lines this year! And they were only TWO of the multitudes that took the runway by storm!

Backstage was relative organized chaos. The hair and makeup teams were going non-stop for hours transforming the models into runway divas. It was quite entertaining to watch throughout the day. I love the creative process!

The Lexington Fashion Collaborative did a remarkable job with this event. The future holds GREAT things them! Kudos to all who played a role in any part of the day.

To get a better idea of the day's events, pop some popcorn and check out the video! The first part is the Kentucky Textile and Fashion Expo which included young designers, accessories and local boutiques... and the second part is the 3rd Annual Future of Fashion Show. Enjoy :)


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