Friday, March 19, 2010

Photoshoot with Alicia C.

This past week I finally had the opportunity to work with talented photographer Alicia Calton. The weather was an absolute dream. Mother Nature FINALLY smiled on me and gave me a sunny day in the 70's to shoot in!! I nearly froze to death in my past two outdoor shoots, and I was totally willing to do it again... but thank GOD I didn't have to!

Alicia's style of work has a very soft, sometimes magical feel to them. I wanted to play on that. I styled three complete looks, all of which we shot in. I knew I wanted lots of BIG, soft tumbling, curls. I have long hair and the length tends to pull the curl out - and I had to last running around outdoors all day - So before I went to bed the night prior I put pin curls all over my head and slept on the bobby pins. Ouch. But it works! The result was exactly what I wanted. Positively romantic.

I think I managed some of the craziest contorted poses I have ever come up with thus far in my career. I felt like wood nymph laying on the green moss covered rocks. I even climbed trees and jumped in mud - at least I told myself it was mud - and had the usual wardrobe malfunctions... but we finished the day in a field of golden grass. A perfect way to end a lovely day. More pictures to follow soon!
*Special thanks to Andrea Ahl for all her help and patience :)

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